Quenesse is a kingdom in turmoil. To the north, the highlanders of recently-annexed Chalcydon wage a guerilla war against the crown, while beyond that, the monstrous Orogs threaten to overcome The Limit and sweep aside all civilization. The brutal Drakkari raid Quenesse’s eastern shores with impunity while to the west the jealous Hierarch of the Damonan Church masses her forces.

Within the borders, the situation is no better. A dying king struggles to hold fast to his power while his nobles plot and scheme. Brigands roam much of the realm at will. The Quenessian arm of the Damonan Church questions its relation to the foreign Hierarch. New alchemical discoveries shake the land, while witchcraft spreads like a secret fire throughout the four corners of the kingdom.

The Accord is a Pathfinder campaign that takes place within a limited-magic feudal setting inspired by stories such as A Song of Ice and Fire, Dragon Age: Origins, and The Canterbury Tales (but with more combat and slightly fewer lusty wenches). For more information, including character generation rules and the lore of Quenesse, check out the wiki.

New players welcome.

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The Accord

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